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Tried to write something about today’s tragedy but could not without getting very bigoted.

Then asked myself if that any better than Meteen,

The more one tries to understand the more questions pop up.

Who is right is debatable, depending on your ideology or beliefs

One thing I do know for sure that does help create more answers and solutions is what Mama had to say:

Mama Says...

More disagreements have been settled over great food and drink than anything else.

And yes pizza is a great comforting food.

Not only comforting but healthy when the correct ingredients are used.

Mama Say's Share Your Pizza!food-and-drinks-pizza-177130

Form your beliefs

Be strong in your convictions.

But ensure you have direct and correct proof.

The arguments are strong on both sides.

Most of us have no direct connection or access to the truth.

Terrorism does cause war.

Propaganda is one of the deadliest tools and weapons now being used by all sides.

Used for all reasons. With plausible stories to back up those reasons.

Take time to love those important to you.

Let them know.

Be grateful and thankful for those that love you and want that relationship to continue.

Let’s try to build on positive true relationships rather than the opposite.