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It’s a Party in your mouth.

 No matter the season or the weather, there is always a time when we find ourselves in some sort of party event.

Gathering Whether it is through an invitation or having to plan one yourself. As soon as we hear party time, most of the things that come up into our minds are very positive. What about when we get to be the planners. Most of the same initial feelings come to mind thinking it will just be perfect…

 Now let’s be really serious, when we have to offer something at our places we try to think of the simplest things possible but also for them to not look that simple.

 It gets to be a dilemma because what we enjoy the most is usually fancy food but for a gathering is easy-to-eat food or snacks. Then depending on the number of people, and if it is for a business event or a co-workers reunion, that could get really messy.

 All in all even when there is a million dishes and things that could be created for any type of event sometimes going for the simple yet fashionable is the best bet.

 For example, pizza is by itself a great choice because of the Italian seasonings and the cheese and the topping and the crust and the pizza sauce! All in one, and you know we love it because its full of all those things we’re not supposed to eat but yet we have to taste once in while.

IMG-20120815-00076 Now image the perfect pizza size and fashionable design for your whim or for that gathering you have been thinking about or even for that special party you are planning for your kids. The answer you have been looking for is Pizza Cupcakes for various reasons:

• They’re cheesy!
• You can order them any way you like them.
• They taste great because you create it ;-)
• They aren’t a particular dish, they’re a creative presentation. :-o
• They just work. :-)

 Do you need snacks to take a friends home? Are you just having friends over and have not had time to get anything ready? Stop right now! For that special occasion, just go for the solving brilliant creation: Pizza cupcakes. Get the stress out of the way and order by clicking Bona Roma! or dial 403-247-3327 –

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